Advanced Airway Course

For anaesthetist novice or experienced, difficult airway is always challenging in its own way. This workshop is unique opportunity to learn and share your knowledge in the approach to Difficult Airwayand the various gadgetry used to tackle this problem.

This program will focus on difficult airway, strategies to tackle difficult airway in patient groups like obstetrics, airway surgery. There is special consideration to human factors involved in critical scenario.
The Workshop involves handling of the various gadgets and equipments used in these scenarios which will last for 4 hrs.

Highlights :

  1. Clinical & practical considerations to be provided via e-learning as course material.
  2. Practical scenarios and case based discussion with day to day practice in mind.
  3. Hands on small workgroups and Skill stations.

Who can attend ?
Emergency Physician .ICU Registrar, Practicing Anesthetist ,Anaesthestic Registrars.